Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cocky bird

I had a short trip out today trying to capture some birds and when I came home and downloaded my photos, total amount of 6 , I didn´t think twice when I saw this. I had my title ready. This is a cocky bird telling me what it thinks about a photographer disturbing a good meal.

Brutus Östling is a swedish world class bird photographer. I have been so lucky to be at one of his presentations about his work. A great storyteller and a superb photographer.

The reason why I titled this Cocky bird is because of the inspiration from one of Brutus´s books Kaxiga fåglar. Directly translated from swedish to english(using google translate) this means Cocky birds. The book is about personality and relations in the world of birds.

Feel free to visit his blogg and homepage and make up your own mind.


  1. Rumpa i været da gitt.Typisk by-fugl.
    Her på Fosen stoppe dæm opp og hilser, før de spør om jeg trenger et bilde av dem.
    Bra fangst læll Ivar.
    God kveld :)

  2. Utrolig flott bilde og tittel. De to sammen gjør en hel historie.

  3. Jaja... man blir vel gjerne kalt cocky også nå, når man speider etter en godbit på bakken. Hva om du stilte deg på undersiden av grenen neste gang du er her med kamera?! Da skal jeg glise bredt rett inn i linsa di!

    Hilsen indigert liten pippipp

  4. Us Brits would call him cheeky! Great capture Ivar.

  5. He's got a cute rump! And I love the composition and the textures. Lovely photograph!

  6. Hi Ivar, I have not been around for a while so have just spent an enjoyable time browsing through your pictures. You have some really tremendous shots.
    I know what it is like to try and photgraph birds - they all seem to be hyperactive. Must say that I have never been mooned by one before.


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