Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wintercamp sunrise


  1. Det betalte seg å ta en telt-tur ser jeg, et nydelig bilde!

  2. Bare den soloppgangen var jo verdt turen,så vakkert som det kan få blitt.

  3. Love the pop of red in this piccie. This should be what my world is going to look like over the next 48hrs as a big winter storm heads in!

  4. Hallo Ivar, you are lucky, snow for a long time in Norway this winter, the time of the year for special moments an stunning shots.

    I have a lazy-Sky watch this week, I got a guestphoto from Børge for mz new blog "52photos".
    I never saw this mystic lights in the wintertime myself, only in the summertime in Alaska and Norway.

    Hilser hartmut

  5. Flott bilde Ivar.
    Det var sikkert en flott tur.

  6. Meget flott soloppgang du har fanget her.
    En flott dybde du har fått frem her.

  7. OHHHH that is just AWESOME cloud/sky images! Award winning images if I can say so - WOW!!!


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