Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ABC Wednesday - M

M for Map.

I love geography and Maps. If I see a map I have to study it. Old maps are my favorite.

Before I go on holiday I use Google Earth to study roads, cities and so on.

google earth europe

I have two GPS’s. One Garmin Nüvi 660 for navigation in car, installed with a European road map.

At work, when I go in the woods and up in the mountains I use a Garmin 60CS with topographic maps.

trondheim map

This picture is a map from Trondheim and the area around.

muount everest

This last one is a 3D picture of Mount Everest seen from the north. Google earth have a lot of interesting features.

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  1. You would really have impressed me if you had taken the last photo and/or been there!

    Otherwise I quite agree with you concerning maps.

  2. Maps are a guy thing and GPSs are for adult boys. I could perfectly find the nearest coffee shop without using neither of them. I just use my nose ... he he.

    Nice ABC Wednesday ;-)

  3. Great M post... alas I have to admit that my map reading skills are none... :O(... but I do find going on Google Earth a great thing and one that gives me lots of infomation. I study it for bumps and strange circles or shapes and then set off in the land rover to see what I can find...
    As for my Macro.... I have seen your work with the lichen and was well impressed.



  4. Meget flott valg for M, Ivar.
    Jeg kan vel ikke si noe annet enn at jeg kjenner meg igjen i beskrivelsen. Her brukes det Garmin, TomTom og Ms AutoRoute.

    Vi får prøve å finne ut av skarpheten på kammerset ;)

  5. That's amazing how Google earth can really zero in on land features such as that.
    We use a Garmin as well in our Jeep as we cruise the mountains a lot in search of the perfect river or lake to do fishing... often looking for the "untouched" piece of water... out in the forest...
    Very nice post Ivar!
    Mountain Retreat-Canada

  6. That was a good choise for the M. Have a nice day:)Kjempesmart valg! DEt tenkte jeg ikke på:)

  7. you do excellent work!!

  8. i love maps too - we plaster them over our kitchen wall

  9. and I prefer the TomTom
    and of corse my iPhone for city walking
    based upon Google Earth and the web

  10. I loved maps and geography in school, but this sounds interesting. I'll take time out to explore Google Earth.
    Thank you for visiting MDS.

  11. Maps - that's a good one!! I have a map included in mine, but it's quite boring compared to yours!

  12. Maps--what a great idea for today!I really like having a large world map around to see just how 'big' it is. . .and I found a WWII vintage globe for $1 recently. This was such an interesting post for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love maps too...
    And I should get out my GPS and play with it again -- it was great fun and I joined the geocaching.org group...

  14. Ivar: You really have some neat places to visit in your area of the world.

  15. Interesting choice ans interpretaion of the letter.

  16. Hi Ivar,
    I really love to study maps. Whenever I am going to travel to a new city I will spend time just looking over maps of the area. how cool to have those two gps devices...

  17. I also like maps and often use Google Earth too. Very nice post!

  18. I love maps, too. I can fritter away a whole lot of time on Google maps!

  19. I have a terrible sense of direction.
    Perhaps I should study maps more.
    I do love Google earth though.

    Bear((( )))

  20. Like you, I enjoy reading maps. I'm usually the navigator on a driving trip and enjoy seeing exactly where I am on the lines of a road map. I'd like to get a GPS so I can more involved in geo-caching, too.

  21. That is a marvelous gadget to have! I love maps especially when you are out on a place you don't know much. Maps are a real good help.

  22. I will have to check out google earth! how fun your maps are!!!

  23. Cool! I love old maps, too!
    Though I get along without GPS! :)
    Cheers, Klaus


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