Saturday, September 20, 2008


Shot this picture August 12. This lake is called Selbusjøen. South east of Trondheim.

Some facts:

157 meters above sea level

58,26 km² surface

110.81 km circumference

206 meters deep

If you click the picture you will be directed to google maps and a view over this lake.

Selbu copy


  1. This is a lovely view. The red barn in the foreground looks almost surreal. It must give you a lot of pleasure to live in an area with such natural beauty.

  2. What a wonderful sight!


  3. Great vista! Excellent!
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. wow!! litt av en utsikt og for noen farger...bruker du noe bilde behandlingsprogram, for å få frem fargene så bra?

    Ha en flott lørdagskveld

  5. Ivar: Wonderful capture of the lake view.

  6. Hello Ivar!

    Your photo decieved me again! I thought it was a painting! It is gorgeously stunning to be honest! I love it! Truly Scandinavian as I see on pictures!

    Thanks for following my blog! It means a lot to me especially you are my first and only follower to date! God bLess you there and hope everything fine there!

    Mabuhay from the Philippines!



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