Friday, August 15, 2008

Just a small waterfall....


This picture I captured last autumn in Tydal south east of Trondheim. I didn't have my tripod with me, so to be able to get a clear picture with a slow shutter speed, I had to balance my camera on the handrail of the bridge. I was a bit worried, because it could fall into the water.... say no more :-)


  1. Norway is a very beautiful country, as far as I can say...!
    The picture of the waterfall is great, even without tripod!
    Our son made a hiking tour with friends in Norway some days ago and they liked it very much. I posted some of their pictures!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Ivar: This is a wonderful waterfalls, very nice.

  3. Vakkert vakkert, og kjempegod Norgesreklame da gitt.

    Har prøve å lure denne "fishing guy" til Orkla jeg, men ikke lyktes ennå.

    høstfarger på det bildet ditt, en antydnng ja (desverre...., fader!!)

    god helg.

  4. :-))))))) "skrollet" litt for fort her i stad, og du ble sååÅÅÅÅ lang!! he he...

  5. I can hear the waterfall if I close my eyes... what a beautiful picture!

  6. Åååå dette var nydelig gitt.
    Jeg tror jeg må øve meg med lang lukkertid og fossefall. Har bare knipset ivei, på helt vanlig måte men nå ser jeg hvor fint vannet blir. Nærest som fløyel.

    Bra at du ikke falt uti :-)


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