Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ABC Wednesday - I

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Letter I for:

iPod - my iPod Nano 8GB, the previous version:




I for Ivar - my first name

Ivar is a male name. Can be used as both first and middle name, originating in the Norse name Ívarr, formed by the Norse words ýr, "yew"(norsk: Barlind), and harjaR, "warrior".

In Norway 6732 men have just 'Ivar' as their first name. My name day is January 31.

My blog name is Ivar Ivrig, and 'Ivrig' means 'eager' ;-)


I for Image. Here is one shot by me this autumn:

DSC_9283 copy


  1. Is that the natural coloring in the bottom photo? That's an amazing photo--the field being so close to the shore. Is that a bridge I see on the right?

  2. At least we have the same earphones!

    And that picture (haven't I seen that before?) is just plain beautiful.

  3. I like the explanation you gave about the name Ivar! The photo is great!

  4. Flotte bilder og fine valg.

    Har hatt for mye å gjøre i det siste så jeg har hoppet av ABC enn så lenge, mulig jeg slenger meg med neste gang på J. ;-)

  5. A very good post for today! I love to learn the meanings of names and yours in intriguing. Also, I think the photo you chose for "image" is phenomenal.

  6. Perfect choice for the letter I. It is nice to learn the meaning of your name and to see your lovely pictures.

  7. Absolutely love your banner shot, Incredible contrast ! Is that yo uin the foreground? Beautiful field shot too.

  8. I enjoyed your post for today. I liked the picture of the straw all rolled up and the field a golden yellow.

    I also like the explanation of your name. That is interesting to me. My name, Abraham, means: Father of a multitude. and we did have 5 children. The oldest three are 50 or older. The youngest is 37. Anyway, my wife put a stop to my fathering business.

  9. Ah... seeing your Ipod reminded me to grab mine and recharge it as it was pretty low on my morning walk today so that was handy! Thanks!
    And your golden field photo is splendid!
    Mountain Retreat

  10. Good ones! The field is breathtaking!
    Cheers, Klaus

  11. how i wish to own an iPod, too!

    My "I" picture is posted here. Happy Wednesday!

  12. Very nice post. Thanks for the explanation of your name.


  13. I like the name Ivar and really like the photo, the colors are sensational..really great post for ABC.I did my first ABC post today and hope I did it right as I am new to memes.

  14. Ivar:
    Welcome to ABC Wednesday.
    Your photos are wonderful and I hope I will be able to see more.

    Bear((( )))

  15. thank you for giving us the origin of your name. the ipod has surely changed the way the world listen to music on the go!

  16. Selvfølgelig er ditt navn på I. Det siste bildet ditt var utrolig vakkert. Sånn er høsten:)

  17. Gode valg, og høstbildet ditt ble helt riktig plassert til slutt. Da sitter det festet i hjernebarken

  18. what a great landscape!!!

  19. quite good looking earphones for your ipod. :)

  20. I absolutely love your image of the hay field. It is very beautiful in its spacious landscape.
    ann at Gallimaufry Gleanings

  21. I believe the Scandinavian people put much more into their naming than we do here in the UK - there is so much meaning incorporated

    Stunning photos in your blog including this harvest one

  22. Fantastic 'I'post... most informative and the lat picture was a delight to see.

    Mine's Here

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. The hay bales look like marshmallows. Very pretty!

  24. great post for the "I". The landscape picture is awesome. I agree with Rebecka the hay bales do look like marshmallows.

  25. An 'i' post from an 'i'! That's funny! I love it!

    I also love the yellow hayfield pic - did you play with that in Photoshop? I'd love to know how you did that!

  26. A very interesting and eclectic post for the letter I. . .as varied as your interests. Thanks for sharing!

  27. What pretty place it has a lot of the same as North Idaho.

    I thought the name (Ivar) was interesting.
    I have no ideal how many people have my given name of Dora.
    I never heard of name day either.

    Interesting bales, what are they?

    My I is up and if you have time stop over for a cup of coffee.

  28. So beautiful picture and nice colors.
    A painting!


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